The exciting world of 3D modelling

3D modelling involves the use of computer software to create art or animations of 3-Dimensional (3D) models or scenery. These 3D creations can then be used in video games, television (shows and advertising), motion pictures, websites and static advertising campaigns. 3D Modellers also commonly work in the fields of architecture, engineering, medical science and similar. Because the field of 3D modelling is very specialised, people who have the skills and qualification in this field are highly sought after and can make quite a lucrative career out of it, earning up to $150,000 AUD per annum (with the average wage being about $80,000).

Besides requiring a deep understanding of the basics of 3D software, people working within the 3D Modelling field really do need to stay abreast of the latest technology, as advances in the field occur continuously. They also need to have a natural artistic ability, even if just basic at first (as artistic skill can be a learned trait, with practice). A background in design and animation is – of course – helpful, but not a prerequisite to starting a course in 3D Modelling. Those with no previous experience are advised to start off with a basic course in animation before tackling the software-based courses, as this will give them a comprehensive understanding of the basics and a diverse set of skills that spans all facets of 3D Modelling. Fr niche fields, it’s best to concentrate on courses that apply to the area you’d like to work in, such as game design for those hoping to work in the video games industry, or biology for those hoping to work in the sciences.

Because the field of 3D Modelling is so vast, with a huge variety of industries to choose from, the prospects available to people with the right skills and qualifications are very good. If you’re dedicated to your art and find the right niche, you could eventually end up as popular as some of these infamous 3D Modellers:

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