Creative tips for getting the job you want

In almost every industry, the job market is tough. It’s almost a guarantee that you’ll be competing against dozens – if not hundreds – of co applicants when you apply for a position these days. Of course, you are more likely to achieve the desired results if you’re applying for a position that you have the right qualifications and experiences for, and if you have done your homework and prepared well for your interview, you’ll have even more chance; however, there are a few ways to give yourself the cutting edge.

Techniques that worked

Using innovative and creative techniques to win the job of your dreams isn’t generally recommended as it can backfire dramatically. Sure, they may attract attention, but an employee really wants to see that you’re serious about the position so anything too crazy might leave a bad taste in their mouth. However, if you do it right – while simultaneously showing you are serious and you have the relevant skills to back you up – using a creative method might have you working in your dream job after the very first interview!

  1. An applicant impressed the interviewers by performing a musical number during the interview with his guitar, expressing why he would be the best choice for the job.
  2. One applicant hired a billboard outside of their employer’s office, requesting the job. This seems like an awfully expensive technique though if it didn’t work!
  3. Another applicant gave the interviewer a chocolate block with their resume as the wrapper. This simple technique could be copied in a variety of ways. Why not try enclosing a resume within a box of chocolates or even have it printed on a cake?
  4. One applicant wore a red t-shirt saying, “Hire me, I work hard”, which showed up underneath the white business shirt he wore over the top.
  5. An applicant designed a cover letter in the form of an invitation (like a wedding invitation), inviting the company to hire her. Why not design your next cover letter in the fashion of a pamphlet or similar?
  6. An applicant wanted to showcase his language skills, so asked for his interview to be conducted in Spanish.
  7. Another applicant took the risk of climbing precariously on a roof to ask the employer (who was fixing the roof at the time) if he could have the job. Don’t try this at home, kids!
  8. One impressed interviewer received a resume in the form of a message in a bottle.
  9. One handy applicant helped fix some office equipment during the first interview.
  10. Another applicant realized the interviewer assistant was having trouble with the photocopying machine, so he helped out and got the job as a result of his selflessness.

Techniques that didn’t work

Depending upon the industry you’d like to work in, a variety of techniques could make or break you. It’s always a good idea to do a bit of research about the company and the interviewer so that you have a fair idea whether or not they’ll be receptive to a bit of interview creativity. Sure, a flamboyant gesture might increase your chances of getting a position with Google or in an entertainment role, but a bank manager might not be so impressed if you show up to the interview in a purple tux and top hat.

  1. One colorful applicant came to the interview in a clown suit! Unfortunately, his confidence didn’t pay off.
  2. Another applicant back flipped into the interview. Obviously, she wasn’t going for a job in the circus because she didn’t land the job.
  3. One creepy gesture from an applicant resulted in her refusal – she bought items from the interviewer’s online shopping wish list. Nope, interviewers don’t appreciate being stalked!
  4. Another creepy applicant thought they were being clever when they sent a fruit basket to the interviewer’s home address; however, the interviewer never publicly gave out her home address!
  5. A nicer gesture but almost as creepy – an applicant sent beef stew to the interviewer with a note reading “Eat hearty and hire me”
  6. An applicant decided to impress their interviewer with a tarot reading. Unfortunately, she didn’t do her own reading before the interview – otherwise she may have seen that this would backfire in a big way.
  7. One cocky applicant plonked a timer on the interviewer’s desk and declared, “I’ll explain in less than three minutes why I’m the perfect candidate”. Three minutes later, he was rejected.
  8. One applicant sent the interviewer a lottery ticket. Nice gesture, but it didn’t work.
  9. Another candidate sent a shoe in with their resume, with a note declaring “I’m just trying to get my foot in the door”. Perhaps he should have sent an unused shoe, as this technique didn’t work out well.
  10. Many hundreds of candidates have been rejected after wearing fluoro clothing and gaudy suits.

Making the Grade – Get the job you want!

So, it goes to show that you should always make yourself memorable for the right reasons. Don’t just assume that anything different will catch the interviewer’s attention. Do your research and don’t take it too far and you’ll be joining the list of ‘techniques that worked’ in no time at all.

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