Lifestyle hacks that can improve your work

Let’s face it, work is hard – it is called ‘work’ after all. We would all like to discover that one amazing shortcut that makes our day just that little bit more productive and streamlined, so it’s no surprise that there are a whole host of work hacks out there to do just that.

12 simple tips for improving productivity in the workplace

Still struggling to finish your tasks on time or hitting that proverbial wall? Here are a few tips that we hope will help make your day run more smoothly:

Tip#1 Stop what you’re doing

It may sound counterproductive but taking regular breaks during the working day can help you achieve more. By working in short bursts, you increase your productivity and avoid burnout.

Tip#2 Time yourself

Estimate a time limit for each important task you need to achieve and see if you can beat your own time goal. This is a great thing to attempt for those who love to push themselves.

Tip#3 Eliminate distractions

This seems like a no-brainer, but many people only eliminate the most obvious distractions. You really need to get rid of ALL distractions, so turn off your phone, shut down your email and even disconnect your Wi-Fi if you don’t need it immediately. Put a ’do not disturb’ sign on your door and listen to some white noise or focus-based binaural beats to drown out any noise. Make sure you have drinks and snacks on hand and go to the toilet before you sit down to work.

Tip#4 Save the best for last

Most people will leave their most difficult tasks for later in the day. Don’t. Get them out of the way as soon as you receive them, then you’re sense of achievement will make the rest of your day seem like a breeze!

Tip#5 Work hardest when you’re most productive

If you can, forget about the nine to five tradition and try to complete the bulk of your work at whatever time of the day (or night) you are most productive. If this is at 2am, then do it at 2am!

Tip#6 Organize your personal life in bulk

Things like worrying about what you want for dinner or when you should pay your electricity bill can have more of an impact on your work productivity than you think. If you can get all these personal things sorted out over the weekend, then you won’t be worried about them while you’re at work. Even if this means cooking and freezing all your weekly meals on the weekend or setting up direct bill payments, you’ll have more time to spare and less worry during the week.

Tip#7 Be aware

During your working day, constantly ask yourself “Am I making the best use of my time right now?”. By doing this, you become aware of the little time-wasting things that can add up to hours of unproductive time.

Tip#8 Organize your computer and office

Set your files and folders out so that they are quickly and easily accessible. Also learn how to use short cuts and apps that are designed to save time. An uncluttered, streamlined office is a must, so keep things clean and de-clutter at least once a month.

Tip#9 Group your tasks

Instead of spreading specific tasks – like telephone calls, emails, and file sorting – over your day, group them into time slots. Surprisingly, making all your calls or replying to all your pending emails in one hit saves quite a bit of time over the course of a day.

Tip#10 Cut out the ads

If you take work home at night, pre-record all your favorite TV shows before watching them. That way, you can fast forward through the ads and save yourself 20 minutes for every hour of ad-filled television!

Tip#11 Let people know your goals

There’s a reason people diet and quit bad habits in groups – not only do they receive moral support, but by telling people about their intentions, they are held accountable for sticking to their goals. The same applies for work goals. Tell someone and you’re almost guaranteed to be reminded of your goal the next time you get sidetracked.

Tip#12 Think positive!

Finally, think positively, as a positive attitude will help you love your job and these tips will hopefully keep you happy and positive for years to come!

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