Lifestyle hacks that can improve your study

There are so many little hints and tips that can help you study effectively – eat well, get plenty of sleep, study in a nice, quiet space – but there are just as many that you can use that you might not be aware of, like tying a ribbon around your finger, for example.

10 Simple hacks on how to improve your study habits

The next time you find yourself struggling with turning the next page on your book or moving on to another chapter; try some of these and watch your results improve:

Hack#1 Exercise before study or an exam

There’s no doubt about it – science has proven repeatedly that exercise increases brainpower and boosts memory. The recommended time is approximately 20 minutes of exercise before an exam or study session.

Hack#2 Read out loud

This one seems weird, but apparently, we remember more when we say something out loud, rather than just reading it in our heads. Perhaps just keep this hack for when you’re alone though – otherwise you might end up attracting a crowd.

Hack#3 Teach it to someone else

I spent years looking at the sign in my high school English class that said, “You learn 90% of what you teach to others” and – lo and behold – it’s true!

Hack#4 Associate concepts with one another

You know those amazing people that can remember huge lists of names / numbers / words? This is the method they use. If you can associate a concept with a string of related concept or even with something memorable – like a song – you dramatically increase your chances of remembering them. Mind maps are a good way of making related connections.

Hack#5 Draw what you want to learn

Similar to the above, drawing diagrams firmly establishes an association of a concept to your diagram in your memory, so every time you think of a specific concept, you’ll recall the associated diagram.

Hack#6 Watch a related documentary

We are more inclined to pay attention to something exciting and – let’s face it – the television is more exciting than a textbook! Watching a documentary on your topic of study might not give you a comprehensive understanding, but it will teach you about key concepts in a fun manner that doesn’t feel like study!

Hack#7 Use flashcards

The use of flashcards can fast-forward your study practice by helping you to summarize key concepts, definitions, formulas and quotes. These are an excellent tool to go over just before an exam. You can either make your own or look for a flashcard program online.

Hack#8 Study on the go

While it’s important to study in a calm, quiet environment, we actually retain more information when we study in a different setting regularly. So, take your laptop and tablet and mix your study location up a couple of times a week. Sit under a tree in a park, find a seat with a good view of the beach or set up a study space inside your local library, museum or art gallery.

Hack#9 Do a pre-exam exam

Create a sample exam before your real exams based on the concepts you think will be included. Then, do this exam yourself as many times as you can. His is an extremely effective method for retaining information.

Hack#10 Use your senses

Amazingly, your brain can associate what it learns with a particular scent or taste. So, next time you are studying a difficult concept, either spray an unusual scent or chew an unusual gum flavor – one that you haven’t smelled or tasted before – while you’re studying. Then, use the same spray or gum during your exam and be amazed as the memories of what you learned flood back!

Getting over the hump

There are so many little study hacks out there that can help you retain the memories that are important to you, but we hope these few will come in handy. Maybe next time you grandmother tells you to tie a ribbon around your finger to remember something, you won’t think she’s so weird after all!

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