5 Soft Skills That Can Help You Land Your Dream Job

You have probably heard of soft skills. These are the set of traits that you bring to a position without “technical training.” Many misinformed job seekers think of soft skills as resume filler, a chance to list so-called standard traits like, “Good communication,” “adaptability,” and “hard-working.” No one has ever landed their dream job by saying that they are a “team player with creative problem-solving skills.”

Or have they? 

Why Do Soft Skills Matter?

Pretend you are an employer who has just interviewed two candidates. One of them has a resume with several impressive bullets of technical skills, but they lack customer service skills and have a poor attitude. The other one has an average resume, meets the minimum skill requirements, and performed well in the interview and office tour. Which one would you be willing to train and work with? 

Soft skills can be critical when connecting with employers and co-workers. In an article in The Telegraph, writer Julia Llewellyn Smith says that, “The absence of these skills is the reason why… 54 per cent of employers, while agreeing recruits are more highly qualified than ever, still complain that they can’t fill vacancies.”

Top 5 Soft Skills Employers Look For

A study by the National Careers Service lists the top soft skills that employers are looking for in their candidates.

1. Communication

Skilled communicators are able to connect with their co-workers, supervisors, and (maybe most importantly) customers/clients. Employers want to hire candidates whose employment histories and interviews demonstrate the ability to communicate their ideas clearly and professionally.

2. Commitment

Employers want candidates who can demonstrate commitment. Do you volunteer consistently? Have you held the same job for a few years? Are you able to communicate your enthusiasm for your field of work? Employers understand that commitment cannot be taught. It is an inherent soft skill that allows some candidates to excel, and a lack of it causes other candidates to fail.

3. Leadership Skills

No one is asking you to step above or at the leadership of your supervisors, but employers need to know that you can lead by example. Individual leadership skills contribute to your sense of ownership in the company and foster an innovative company culture.

4. Critical Thinking

Technical literacy also falls under this category. Does your work history, education, and use of professional networks show employers that you are critical thinker who knows how to solve problems? Employers do not want to “hold your hand,” and they will hire candidates who demonstrate the ability to take initiative.

5. Accepting Responsibility

You should be able to convey to your potential employers that you want responsibility, and you are willing to accept the consequences of not performing to expectations. This mentality allows the best candidates to perform well under pressure and drive positive results for the company.

How to Show Them Your Soft Skills

It is highly unlikely that someone landed their dream job by saying that they are a, “team player with creative problem-solving skills” in their resume summary. Instead, land your dream job by showing your soft skills.

What tasks have you performed that demonstrate creativity? What circles of people are you able to work with that demonstrate your good communication skills? What accolades have you received at school or work that show your enthusiasm? How can you leverage your social network and Linkedin profile to demonstrate your ability to network? How can you prepare for an interview to show off the charisma and professionalism you know you have?

Develop your skill set by understanding what employers want and comparing them with what you have. Do not be afraid to take courses to sharpen your soft skills and hone in on your personal competitive advantage. 

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