English as a Second Language Online Courses

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English as a Second Language Online Courses

Get a certificate for English as your second language with our ESL Course Online

When you enroll in an ESL course online with Courses For Success you will be:

  • Strengthening and developing your English language abilities

  • Improving your understanding of English grammar

  • Understanding sentence structure so you can build better sentences

  • Able to apply the correct style of writing for the appropriate purpose

  • Able to proofread and edit your written English work

Each ESL course online is written for people who use English as a Second Language and are seeking to improve their skills. Online ESL courses will develop participant’s knowledge of English grammar and the capacity to write competent English for both study and business. ESL on line courses are designed for students who have a slight command of basic English skills and desire to strengthen their written and spoken abilities.

Online ESL courses deliver real improvements to your English

Our range of ESL courses online will help you to see real improvements in your English skills and give you a greater understanding of the principles and rules of English grammar.

You will learn:

  • How to correctly use adverbs and pronouns

  • Understand how to correctly build correct sentences and vary sentence structure appropriately

  • Understand what paragraphs are

  • Understand the use and meaning of suffixes and prefixes

  • Learn the appropriate use of direct and indirect language

  • The correct forms of business writing and how to apply them

  • Writing formats for work and study.

Improving these fundamental skills will see you develop confidence and skills when you need to communicate with others.


If you’ve considered completing an ESL/EFL teaching course or TESOL Master’s Course, you may be thinking of pursuing a career as a teacher of English overseas. If so, you’re in luck, as there are so many benefits of doing this! Here are just a few of the benefits of learning ESL and teaching it abroad:

An ESL teaching course is simple, affordable and fun!
You already know the language you want to teach and you know it well. All that’s left to learn is the methods you’ll need to teach it to others! This means an ESL/EFL course is one of the easiest courses to complete successfully. Most courses are really quite short in duration too (with the longest ESL course at Courses For Success being a maximum of only 150 hours), so you’ll be knowledgeable and qualified before you know it. This also means the prices for ESL courses are generally really affordable. If you study with us, it’s also a fun course that you can do in your own time, from wherever you want.

You’ll teach, but also be taught
Because you’ll be teaching in an exotic location that you’ll be very unfamiliar with to begin with, you yourself will be learning from day one! Not only will you likely pick up the local language, but you’ll also learn all the aspects of your host country that a regular tourist is unlikely to learn. You’ll experience the local food, customs and lifestyles, pick up all the local slang and glean amazing insight into a whole new world.

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Key benefits of taking ESL certification courses online

Enrolling in an ESL course online will deliver far more benefits than teaching the fundamental concepts of the English language. The ESL certification classes assist students to improve in the key skills of writing, speaking, and reading comprehension.  It also opens up a world of opportunity including:

  • Assisting in better pronunciation which is vital when communicating with others through participation in English courses

  • Reading comprehension will also improve and help students to gain a better understanding of concepts of particular English speaking cultures

  • Improved business relations with English speaking business partners are sure to result from taking ESL online courses.

  • ESL courses online also help foreign-born international students to perform better in schools and universities where English is the predominant language.

  • English is widely used in the entertainment and arts industries, gaining a better understanding of English opens a new world of music, literature and movie entertainment.

  • Scientific researchers need to have a working knowledge of English as many papers published in scientific journals are only written in English.

  • Online ESL courses offer tremendous benefits to students studying in English speaking countries or anywhere else in the world

  •  Bilingual English speaking students have a distinct advantage in the modern world, as English is seen as the preferred language for both commerce and international affairs.

Take the first step to building your English as a second language. Enroll in the most suitable ESL Course online with Courses for Success today!

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