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Chemistry Online Courses

Online Chemistry Courses Make The World Easier To Understand

Taking online chemistry courses is a great way to gain a solid foundation in the basics of chemistry.  This knowledge can prepare you for further study in chemistry related fields.  It will also help you to pursue a career in the health field. 

Taking an online general chemistry course will:

  • help you gain an understanding of how food energizes our bodies

  • a  better understanding of the changing world around us

  • Assist with making everyday decisions affecting your life

  • Help you to understand nutrition

  • Give you an understanding of many chemical functions within the body

  • Introduce you to concepts like atomic theory, quantum theory, intermolecular forces and inorganic chemistry

  • Make chemistry fun!

Chemistry is often referred to as the “central science,” as it has a connection to all other sciences. When you take a chemistry online course, you immediately gain a better understanding of all the other major sciences.  Chemistry is needed in all scientific disciplines from biology to geology and environmental science.  Without basic chemistry,it is practically impossible to understand any other science. Chemistry and the study of atoms is fascinating, even if you have no plans on obtaining a degree in a scientific discipline.

Everyone needs to understand the basics of chemistry, because whether we realize it or not, we use chemistry every day.

What You Will Learn When You Take Chemistry Courses Online

The online chemistry classes that are available to students will give you a thorough grounding in basic chemistry. Courses For Success offer online chemistry courses covering both biochemistry and organic chemistry.

Specific topics covered in the online chemistry classes include:

  • Understanding the three states of matter and how they change from one to the other

  • Understanding the different types of energy

  • Measurement

  • The structure of the atom

  • The periodic table of elements

  • Chemical bonds - including the different types of covalent bond as well as ionic and   hydrogen bonding

  • Chemical reactions

  • Chemical equation

  • Chemical kinetics

  • The arithmetic of chemistry otherwise known as stoichiometry

  • The importance of solutions

  • The behaviour of acids, bases and salts

  • Organic molecules - the study of which can lead to the world of organic chemistry.  

In addition, we provide access to an organic chemistry online course through Courses For Success. The Certificate in Biochemistry explores these concepts in greater depth.

Key benefits of Taking Online Chemistry Courses

Our chemistry courses online provide you with an introduction to the exciting and stimulating world of science. WIth the grounding provided by these courses you will be empowered to further explore science subjects.

Online education is a great way to learn new concept and theories like the structure and properties of compounds. However, participating in an online class can be challenging for first-time users. We understand and can assure you that our online chemistry courses offer you distinct advantages over other methods of study. These include :

  • One on one help and support where required

  • Courses written and developed by leading chemistry and biochemistry experts

  • No need to worry about travel costs to and from face to face classes

  • One all-encompassing fee

  • Courses can be readily accessed from your PC or smartphone any time of day or night

  • You choose your study regime to match your lifestyle

  • Lifetime access to all course materials

Chemistry is important in all aspects of your daily life. Studying it will help you to realize that a basic understanding of chemistry is both helpful and fun. Get started now by enrolling in one of our online chemistry courses today!

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